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Cleanliness is important for any business, but for a restaurant, it’s an essential part of keeping your doors open. Failure to maintain the right level of cleanliness is reasonable cause to shut your business down. Traditional cleaning methods are typically not enough to keep a restaurant up to rigid health code standards. You need to look for a commercial cleaning service in New York to do the job for your restaurant properly. Here are some tips to follow when looking to employ such a service.

Restaurant Experience

While there are many cleaning companies out there, you want to work with one that has experience specific to the restaurant business. A cleaning company that only does office buildings doesn’t have the knowledge or training you need to keep your restaurant up to code. You want someone who is familiar with health code standards and can provide the in-depth cleaning services to meet those standards. Don’t settle for any service that can’t offer you this level of experience.

Comprehensive Services

Make sure you get a complete list of the cleaning services that the company will provide to your restaurant. There are many different areas in your restaurant that will need to be cleaned, and you want to ensure that you are hiring a company that will clean the vast majority of these areas. There will still be a few areas that you or your employees may need to clean yourselves, such as the refrigerator and other food storage areas, or your grease traps. But, make sure you know in advance which areas will not be cleaned by the crew you hire. It is best to know this upfront instead of being caught off guard when part of your restaurant is not cleaned.

Frequency of Cleaning

Different cleaning tasks need to be completed at different frequencies. Some items will need to be done every day, while others can be handled on a weekly basis. Discuss this with any company you’re considering hiring, and ensure they know how frequently you expect certain areas to be cleaned.

Keep these things in mind when looking for commercial cleaning services in New York and you should find a company that will keep your restaurant up to code.

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