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Commercial renovation isn’t just up to your contractor. Commercial janitorial services are also essential to making sure everything runs smoothly and the results are positive. These are some of the important roles janitors play in the renovation process.

Clean Up After Crew

Janitorial services are essential for cleaning up after renovation crews, which are known for being extremely messy. Not only do they work without cleaning up after the sawdust and paint chips they leave behind, they also tend to leave other debris on the floor, including empty packages, trash from meals and snacks, and hazards like nails and screws. Don’t let your renovation crew leave a mess behind; hire professionals to clean up after them.

Keep You in Business

If you are renovating only a portion of your property, it makes sense for you to remain open for business. However, your clients and customers aren’t interested in smelling wet paint, tar, or dust. Janitorial services keep the open sections of your business clean, odor-free, and overall presentable to the public. They also keep your staff from becoming ill from dust, dirt, and fumes.

Stage for Re-Opening

Once the renovation work is completed, you should be excited to reveal your new-and-improved business to the public. Unfortunately, you might find that renovation teams leave as soon as their construction work is finished, not when the site is clean and presentable. That is where janitorial teams come in. They can detail clean your business from floor to ceiling so that it looks polished and professional, which is exactly what you’ll want to show off to the public.

Hire Help

Renovation work is a huge financial commitment, so you might not want to rack up other large expenses. Thankfully, Integrated Maintenance Solutions offers commercial cleaning services at great prices. We specialize in helping you make a great impression on the public, assisting with cleaning, maintenance work, and stained flooring repair. Our services are available to a wide variety of businesses, from healthcare facilities to banks, offices, warehouses, and much more.

IMS has over 20 years of experience giving commercial properties a good polish, using only the best techniques for a long-lasting clean appearance and fresh, inviting odor. Contact us for commercial cleaning solutions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We can serve you with a one-time cleaning or with regular and reliable janitorial work to help you maintain a clean workplace.

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