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Cleaning services are essential in many industries. Industrial environments can’t allow for their equipment to go without proper cleaning and maintenance. The food service industry must maintain certain standards and has to avoid cross-contamination. However, there’s probably no other field that demands the level of cleanliness that medicine does. For medical professionals, cleanliness can literally be a matter of life and death.

The Basics

A low-risk environment where there is minimal concern of infection can be handled satisfactorily with a basic cleaning service. This covers routine work such as picking up trash, vacuuming, light dusting, and cleaning restrooms. For many environments, this is sufficient, but it won’t be adequate for higher risk areas.

High Risk

Patients spend much of their time in recovery rooms. Some of them will have open wounds, and they may be post-op. These patients are at a far higher risk of infection, and these rooms require much more attention and care in terms of cleaning. Intensely trained staff know how to handle these facilities, and they’ll be familiar with how to handle bloodborne pathogens. They use HEPA vacuum systems, and they’re expertly trained on HIPPA regulations. The deep cleaning will include all of the basic cleaning mentioned above, but it will also include high and low dusting. Additionally, this will require spot cleaning walls, cleaning under desks, chair vacuuming, and cleaning doors. Examination or operating rooms may require a terminal cleaning, which is even more demanding.

Office Areas

It’s important not to forget your office space. Doctors and nurses both spend time in the office throughout the day. Although they wash their hands constantly, it’s still possible to pick up and transmit contaminants or germs. Even the occasional paper cut can spell disaster if it isn’t handled properly. It’s crucial to perform medical office cleaning. Not only does this aid the patients, but doctors and nurses who work in well-sanitized environments are less likely to get sick themselves, which means they’re also less prone to miss work.

If you require a commercial cleaning service in New Jersey, remember that not all service providers are made equally. Medical facilities require special training and the right equipment to be sanitized adequately. Not all companies will have the staff you need. Be sure to only trust expertly trained professionals.

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